Kenya Tea

The tea is grown in high altitude areas of Mt. Kenya (1500-2000M )and Great Rift Valley highlands (over 203,000 HA) endowed with the ideal climate for tea with tropical volcanic red soils providing excellent quality and flavor.

Kenya tea is 100% pesticide free. There is no application of pesticides and chemicals therefore guaranteeing health and safety of the key consumers Growing conditions of tea include well distributed of rainfall between 1200-1400 mm per annum , long sunny days, volcanic red soils

Distinct high quality teas are made from the upper two leaves and a bud. Young shoots are plucked in regular cycles ranging from 7 -14 days
Tea is manufactured using Cut, Tear and Curl (CTC)to ensure maximum cuppage per unit weight.


  1. Black orthodox
  2. Green Orthodox
  3. Green CTC
  4. White tea
  5. Purple tea.

Black Orthodox – Black orthodox difference from black CTC is on the process, for black orthodox there is more of rolling as opposed to black CTC,

Black CTC- Tea which goes through, cut, tear and curl.

Black CTC

The black CTC go through the manufacturing process of cut, tear and curl.

White tea;

It comes from the bud of the plant only that it is allowed to wither & dry in natural sun. The leaf appearance is greenish white in color; the liquors are lighter than all the grades mentioned above however it’s rich in flavor.

Green Orthodox

Green orthodox does not go through withering like black orthodox and black CTC however the rest of the manufacturing is similar to black orthodox.

Purple tea;

Purple tea clone: is a new clone developed by Tea Research over a period of 25 years. Purple tea (Camellia sinensis) is rich in anthocyanin (a flavonoid), which pigments the leaves a purplish color.

Purple Tea is a special tea variety associated with a very high presence of antioxidants called Anthocyanin. It is believed to be much more superior than any other tea due to its higher health benefits. Purple tea is an excellent anti-aging and weight loss natural product. It is good for managing diabetes, hypertension, period pains and a good relaxer. Purple Tea Has high medicinal value.